VPS vs Dedicated Servers

Those who know me enough to have discussed servers know I dislike getting dedicated servers when a VPS will do just fine. VPS are sitting on a dedicated server somewhere, so whats the deal?

Rarely do those who use dedicated servers NEED all those resources right away.

Most people who I know that have dedicated servers have them because their host sold them on it or they didn’t think a VPS was “powerful” enough for their needs. So what they have gotten themselves into is a situation where they are most likely overpaying for a server with limited specs compared to a VPS with the same price and upgrading has become extremely difficult. When you use a VPS (from a reputable host) the host node (dedicated server running the VPS) is usually pretty powerful. You get your little slice of the pie and do not have to worry about what the rest of the server is doing. Your costs are kept down and you only upgrade as you need to and upgrades are usually a click and reboot away.

Consider A Simple RAM Upgrade

Say for example you want to upgrade your RAM from 4GB to 8GB. With a dedicated server in most cases you have to put in the order with your host and schedule a time for them to go take your server offline to install new RAM and boot you back up. You can guess about 5 minutes to an hours worth of downtime. Compared to a VPS where you click the upgrade button, pay the bill, and reboot. Depending on your VPS maybe a minute of downtime, no scheduling required?

Unless you KNOW you need a dedicated server, just use a VPS.

If you cannot explain the exact reason why you need a dedicated over virtual server… there probably isn’t one. If you are using th excuse “a VPS isn’t powerful enough” then you are underestimating virtual servers.

VPS are not “the cloud

The cloud bothers me. I am sitting here explaining why I prefer virtual servers to dedicated servers and the un/misinformed may take this as I am suggesting “the cloud” instead of physical hardware.

“The Cloud” is a marketing term. Technically the way it is sold to everyone anything on the internet is in “the cloud” when a “cloud” to me anyways would mean more something along the lines of a high availability web cluster. A “VPS” compared to a “cloud server” 90% of the time are the same thing, but “cloud servers” are more exepensive because of the name. So buyer beware!