Simple open source contributions are easier on GitHub

There are times where as a developer you run into that stupid little one line issue on a project that you wish was different but you simply cannot be bothered to go through the trouble of creating a pull request on GitHub. I ran into this often before, maybe I could have been more willing to spend time on offering code to others, but really I just didn’t feel like having to fork and clone and make changes and then submit the PR.

This is old news but a while back GitHub made these things so much easier to deal with. If you are browsing a project you do not have commit access to (or even if you do) and you edit a file right from the GitHub website… you can now create a PR. This is pretty ingenius and I can only imagine has increased the number of contributions from those who know it exists.

Now when I run into little things that can be changed like this… I just submit a PR right from the website. While it seems bad form to strat throwing changes at projects that are completely untested at times… it still has it’s place.

Some examples:

These are not groundbreaking new changes, but I feel like they make a difference.

So thanks GitHub, for making it easier for me (and others) make just a little bit more of a difference in the world.