Puppet Manifest to run Ghost behind a Nginx Proxy on Ubuntu

I’m going to preface this entire post by saying a couple things:

Do NOT run Ghost in a production type environment where you need Ghost to be stable. You should 100% assume that at some point in its development everything will blow up and all data will be lost.

This was written for Ghost version 0.2.0. Once Ghost is publicly available this may no longer be valid.

Let’s get Started

This manifest will setup your server to be ready to run Ghost behind a Nginx proxy and hide the /ghost subdirectory limiting it to only your IP. I decided to run Ghost from the nodejs users home directory (with all the files owned by the nodejs user – this is not managed by Puppet).

Once you’ve downloaded and unzipped Ghost just follow the Ghost documentation to start Ghost and visit your servers IP or domain 🙂

PS: Bonus points if you use forever.