My Data Server is Online

A few blog posts ago were about Bittorrent Sync and mentioned a server I was getting setup to sync my data to as a backup and as an “always on” “Dropbox” like replacement for Dropbox.

Well this server is online now running Citrix XenServer and of the 2TB (1.8ish really) RAID10 storage I’ve setup a virtual machine running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with 1TB of that storage. I have a few extra IPs and don’t see myself using more than 1TB anytime in the near future so I figured I can save a few bucks and move my own personal sites onto this server as well. 2x Quad Core CPUs and 16GB of RAM deffinitely leaves enough extra power after handling the data to run a few small sites 😉

The first of these sites is right on my data server though and replaces what would be the “Public” folder of someones Dropbox. My plan is to store things like my public key, server scripts, etc… things you would keep in a public file store.. duh. Of course this is all over a HTTPS connection as well.

For now its simply using Nginx’s autoindex on in the site vhost, but I’m working on a Node.js app that will be a more aesthetically pleasing view for the files. When I finish this it will deffinitely be on GitHub.