Ghost 0.4 Is Released!

Official Announcement

I even have had the opportunity to again contribute to Ghost, take a peak in the credits and you will see my name!

My Contribution

Since about 80% of my freelance work I do is in some way related to eCommerce, and previously I worked for over a year in WooCommerce support, I feel like I am fairly familiar with SSL and practices surrounding it. I would hold back from calling myself an expert in SSL or security, but I would like to think I can hold my own. So when I saw an issue in GitHub related to SSL I jumped on it! The end result and the original issue were not matched up 100% as some bits were moving around but ultimately my contribution was allowing Ghost to sense or based on config force SSL connections. This does require Ghost to be proxied behind your favorite web server or reverse proxy, but it works great!

A Honorable Mention

One change that many people will most likely not care about or notice is the title of the browser tab when you are in the Ghost admin. Previously there was no title! It just showed the domain name, and that was a little disappointing 🙁 Now though you see Ghost Admin, and considering the quality of the project so far I think it seems right that we have titles on all the pages.

All software and platforms have their main feature sets which make them what they are, but in my oppinion it is the small things and attention to detail which really makes software great. Without the polished edges the experience is just not the same! So small changes like this while maybe only one line of code at times, are important too.