Cassie and I got married on the beach

That is the panormic view from the lake looking towards the Polynesian Resort where Cassie and I got married today and will be spending the next week. Today was very exciting and the days leading up to it we were both a bit anxious, a bit nervous, very exited, and plenty of other (good) feelings. Now today we start the rest of our lives together.

The Wedding Photos

We don’t have them yet

My Mom has some pictures on her camera which is currently in a different area of Disney which I am not at and she does not have her laptop in Walt Disney World, she probably made the smarter choice there.

We will have the professional photos within the next “4-6 weeks” – if you still remember at that time and would like to see them or order some prints let me know!

Captain Patrick

After the wedding and getting something to eat we rented a boat and went out on the lake for a nice slow relaxing ride. The ride was slow thanks to the toaster sized boat motor… but it was still very fun and Cassie’s first time out on a boat! She looks forward to the next boat ride. Cassie is the one who came up with Captain Patrick, which is probably getting even with me for naming her Cassie the Fish long ago.

We also went to Paris!

Yep, we flew from Polynesia to Paris. Paris in Epcot that is, but you see the Eifel tower back there? Cassie has always wanted to visit France, this counts right?

Life is Ever-Evolving

Big life changes on the way for me. I can’t think of an aspect of life that is not changing over the course of the next few weeks, but its good feelings all around! There is actually very little I can think of that is not changed or going to be changing very soon either directly or indirectly because of other changes.

There is no point in trying to avoid it, shitlife change happens. Embrace it. Make Lee (Life is Ever Evolving) your friend, everyone want’s a friend named Lee. I realized after I wrote that heading that the letters spell Lee…

One of these changes is that I would like to actively blog more.

Yeah, yeah. What blogger that doesn’t blog that much doesn’t say those words, regularly, then doesn’t follow through. The difference today is in many ways life is being completely turned upside down. If I want to embrace change I should take a page out of the US governments book and earmark some of that change. Of all the things done wrong thats something I’m sure they have down to a science. Earmarking works when you want to get extra stuff shoved into something semi-relevant.

My Blogging Plans

I’d like to blog once a day, . I’ve decided that no matter how small I have to be learning at least something new every day, and if I can learn something new every day I can share what I learn every day.

Along with what I am learning every day you will most likely hear about other techy stuff. Things like WordPress and Ghost will be seen regularly.

So… Lessons Learned Today

  • Do not expect toasters to be a great source of power or speed in a boat.
  • Do not walk around the entire day in Walt Disney World in flip flops with zero support in them. My feet are sore.
  • Sun screen is important. Cassie got a little sunburned.
  • Some great things in life do not last forever. Disney does not make dog collars any more, our dogs will have to go on living without Mickey gear.
  • That you learn more in a day than you think. I did not expect to have many “lessons learned” but I learned more than I thought and this is just the highlight reel.